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The Steps of a Good Man

I love to read the Psalms. There is Psalm for everything and every emotion. No matter who you are and what you are going through, you are guaranteed to find a Psalm that speaks directly to you. Today I want to speak about Psalm 37. Right now, in my life this Psalm speaks to me. It is so encouraging and I hope that by sharing my understanding that it will encourage you as well.


Do not be worried or envious of people in the world. Especially the people who do not live their lives in service to the Lord, doing wrong or living in sin. They may seem to be having fun or to be prospering but the fruit of their lives is short lived.

Trust God with your whole heart and continue to do what is right in His eyes. He WILL take care of you. Find your joys in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Stay steadfast, unmovable and remain committed to His ways. Keep your faith, be patient and He will bring your aspirations to life. Your goodness will speak for itself and all those around you will see it. Relax, take it easy and remember to be patient. In His perfect time you will prosper so do not be worried about the ones who seem to prosper because of their wicked ways. (note: prosperity is not always financial gain)

Avoid anger and wrong doing and learn to let things go because those that participate in evil will be cut off BUT those that wait on the Lord will inherit everything. In a little while the wrong doers will no longer be around.

Those that were patient will gain the world and find great joy in the abundance of peace. The sinful plot to do harm and take advantage of the good but God will laugh at them (He will not take them seriously) because He knows their schemes will be meaningless in the end.

The wicked are prepared to destroy the weak only because of their righteousness. But in doing this they only hurt themselves and they will not do the harm they intended. The little bit that the righteous have is better that everything the wicked have gained. The wicked will no longer be able to use their weapons and the Lord Himself will help and maintain the righteous.

The Lord knows everything about the righteous because He watches over them and if they die their inheritance is not lost, it is theirs forever. And the evil doers will die as enemies of the Lord and they will be no more.

The wicked do not pay back their debts but the righteous show others mercy and re giving.

The righteous are blessed and they will receive what God has promised them and it is also promised that those that are sinful will be cut off from the Lord. The steps of a righteous man are order by the Lord and the Lord is delighted in his ways. Even though the righteous man may fall, he will not be cast away because the Lord holds Him in His hand. David says that in all his life, he has never seen the righteous left without the basic necessities of life. God takes care of His people, so stay away from evil and do good because you will one day live forever in Heaven with our Lord.

God loves to give the righteous what they are due and He will not forget about you. The righteous are connected to Him forever but the wicked will forever be separated from Him. The righteous speak from experience and they speak about God's judgement. God's laws are in their heart and they will not stray from it.

The sinful keep an eye on the righteous because they wants to harm them. The Lord will free the righteous from the verdict of the wicked. Wait on God and remain patient and when the wicked are cut off you will be there to witness it. David says that he has seen the wicked in great power and proud of themselves. But when they die they are not great they were just men who are no longer around, forgotten.

None of us are perfect, so be careful the men who say they are and watch the righteous man because in the end he is peace. In the end all transgressors will be cut off (which means they are not cut off yet, as long as there is breath in their bodies, there is still time)

God is our salvation He will help us bare all of our burdens. He is always there to help us and He will deliver us from the wicked because we put all of our trust in Him.

This psalm is so good it motivates me to continue on this journey. A good man is a righteous man and his steps bring joy to the Lord.

(and ladies when the Bible says 'man', it is talking about us too. We are all His children)


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