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The Earth is Filled With His Glory

ISAIAH 6:3 KJV “And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.”

This verse first states that one cried to another. They cried together in unity that the Lord God is holy. Not just holy but holy, holy, holy. These voices are declaring the majesty of the Lord our God. He is holy as God, holy as Jesus Christ and holy as the Holy Spirit.

The fact that they are crying out also tells me that this is not a secret, it is being declared and shared publicly. Everyone around is being notified. That God deserves honor and respect because of His holiness.

Jesus declared God's glory everywhere He went, through His words and the miracles that He performed. It began a domino effect as one person shared with another. And as we gain knowledge and share it, God's glory is further spread upon the earth.

The domino effect continues as we increase our knowledge of God. As we grow in strength. As we exercise, His power through us, His kingdom is spread across the earth. As God is declared everywhere, His glory is further spread across the earth.

So, the earth is filled with His knowledge. The earth is filled with His power. We hear of miracles manifested all over the world. The earth is filled with his power.

Check out this song, Mighty God We Serve by JJ Hairston and Travis Greene: (9) We Serve (feat. Travis Greene) - YouTube

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