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What is an encounter? An encounter is an unexpected meeting or an unforeseen experience. To experience something that you never thought would happen, could happen or should happen. To observe or come in contact with something that baffles the mind and gives you a whole new way of thinking about things. This is what an encounter with God can do. It has the ability to change your life forever.

The Bible is full of encounters with God. People experiencing the supernatural, miraculous wonders that is our God. Events that prove that He is real, alive and bigger than we can imagine. Phenomenon that shows that He loves us, cares for us and wants the best for us. And even more simply than that, He wants to communicate with us.

One biblical example of an encounter with God is Saul's story (Acts 9: 1-22). Saul was a man whose sole mission in life was to jail, punish and slaughter the disciples and believers of Christ. Throughout his life, he did just that. Until his journey's brought him to Damascus Road. Where he encountered a light from Heaven, That not only caused him to fall to his knees but blinded him as well. God spoke to Saul there. Saul had to be led the rest of the way to Damascus because he could not see. After three days of being blind and unable to eat or drink, God sent Ananias to lay hands on Saul, not only did Saul receive his sight back but he was also filled with the Holy Ghost. Saul received strength and his life was changed forever. He lived the rest of his life serving the same God of the people he once persecuted. And he suffered greatly as a result but he remained a man of great faith.

This is just one biblical example. This story of faith and redemption is repeated over and over again in the Bible. There are many people who believe that God doesn't do these things anymore. That the people who had these experiences were special. What I want to relay most is that we are all special in God's eyes. It doesn't even make sense how much He loves us. I also want to guarantee you, that the God of the Bible is the same God we have today. He has not changed and still communicates with us in the same ways.

I am living proof that God still operates in the same manner as He did in the Bible. I have had my own experience with the light. I have heard God speak to me. I have had my entire life path changed not because I decided this is what I wanted to do but because this is where He has led me.

When you encounter God, it not only changes your whole life it also confirms that every word in the Bible is true. Everyone whose life has been changed has a testimony. Share your testimony of how you encountered God and how He changed your life. People need to know that He is real and willing to change lives. And if you know someone who has been changed and do not know their testimony... ask them about it. Some of us need a little pushing to share.

I want to encourage everyone to seek more of God in your life. Allow Him to speak to you, lead you into the direction that He wishes for your life to go. Every time I look back, I am amazed at where He has brought me. Seek your own encounters with Him. Open your mind, heart and soul to Him. Ask Him for your own personal encounter.

Allow Him into your life and expect the unexpected...

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