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...Not Now Lord Part 2

I don't want too sound cocky but I knew I was going to get the scholarship. The way the Lord had answered my prayers. He had given me exactly what I asked for. This had to work and it did. When I received the message from my publisher that I did indeed win a scholarship, I had yet another reason to give him praise. The essay I wrote was titled Why I Want To Be An Author.

Sherry R Kirkland

Book Camp

Stanton Publishing House


Why I Want to Be an Author

The question asked is why I want to be an author and my response is simple, I never wanted to be an author. The truth is that I did not think it was possible. I never imagined that writing for a living was in the realm of things that I could ever do in my life time. Growing up I did not know anyone who had ever written a book, worked for themselves or even had their own business. Everyone that I knew worked a job. A nine to five where you punched a clock for a business, organization or a factory. Collecting a pay check every week with hopes to make enough money to take care of your family. As far as I knew being employed was not about having a career that you loved but to be able to provide for yourself.

It is sad because my mind was closed to all the opportunities of the world. I was a child born into a community that presented an illusion of what the world around me was. The society that I lived in was not a good representation of the world and the options that were available to me. I couldn’t see myself being greater than anything in my surroundings. I never had any grandiose ideas about what life could be and I wasn’t encouraged to think out of the box.

I have always loved to read. I was constantly at the library as a child. Reading everything I could get my hands on. Reading was an escape for me. When I read I could hear the voices and see the faces of the people in the stories. I remember being at the library one day after school. On this day a new librarian was filling in. When I decided to go home, I went to the librarian to checkout my usual ten plus

books. When I sat my things on the counter, she hesitated. She was not mean, but I remember her questioning me. She wanted to know if I was sure I wanted to check out so many books. I had to explain to her that this was the number of books that I always checked out and that I had just returned the books from my previous visit. I believe she checked and eventually she let me leave with my newest collection of adventures. Even with the love I had for books it never crossed my mind that I could write one someday.

Sometimes in life things happen to change you. Altering your whole perspective of who you thought you were. Life happens to us all. Good and bad incidents are just a part every person and helps to form us into the individuals that we are. Sometimes things happen that tear you down but it’s better for you if you can look at these events a as chance to build yourself up into something even better. Every life experience is chance for growth.

For me my most recent life change was very uplifting. I found God. As a part of me building a personal relationship with him he has been revealing things to me about myself. God has been showing me who I am, his plan and purpose for my life. I now know that anything is possible through him. The unimaginable is now obtainable. I no longer just live life, my life now has meaning. I am choosing to walk on a path towards true happiness. My life has forever changed for the better.

I am now an always praying, bible toting, faith walking, daily praising woman of God. It’s funny because I’ve seen women like this my whole life never feeling connected to them at all. And now, that lady is me. I am that girl now. It is clear to me now that even a girl like me, from the town I was raised in can do the impossible and become an author. Which is another testament of God and what he can do for you and how he can make you anew.

I did not know that I had it in me when I began to write. But God saw something in me that I never knew was there. He knows our potential and will show you your greatness if you allow him to. I have found my passion and I now have the motivation I need to encourage others. I believe I have something to say and something worth sharing with the world. For me being an author is the best way for me to share about God with the world.

We are not alone in the challenges of life. The things that I have gone through, someone else could have gone through or could be going through right now. The decisions we have made may be different, but we are not alone in the situations that we have find ourselves in. So, in sharing our experiences and how we managed to cope with them may help discourage a person from following in our footsteps. This also applies to things that have encouraged us may help to encourage someone else. There is power in being an author and we can use that power to uplift and enlighten others.

I now seize every opportunity given to me to be a light to someone else who may be in darkness. And to let people know that life can be amazing. I felt like I found a hidden jewel when I let God into my life. When you have experienced God`s love, grace and mercy you should not keep it a secret. It deserves to be shared with the world. I hope that by reading this that you understand why I want to be an author. It was not something that I dreamed of, but it is something that I feel led to do. It is my goal to use writing to affect others positively. To encourage a favorable change in the life of someone who may need it.

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