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When the Door Is Locked- Dream

Excerpt from My Extraordinary Walk, Chapter 12 Dreams, Be Prepared for His Return page 109

This is a dream that was given to me by the Lord. I've shared this dream in a video on FB a while ago. But the message is still pertinent so I am going to share it here again today.

This is the only dream that I had that I have shared publicly. I shared this on Facebook a while after I had this dream. On September 15, 2016 I dreamed that I was in a big house, a mansion, I have dreamed in this placed before, but I had not been in this particular room before. It was a huge room with a side door and a back door. My husband left out of the side door. When he left I closed the door and locked it. There was an extra special, super lock on this door. When I locked the door, I could see the inner mechanics of the lock. I knew that this door was very secure. I also had a knowing that the back door was secured in the same fashion.

In the next part of the dream I was asleep, and there was an incessant, persistent knocking at the door. Eventually, I woke up because the knocking would not stop. I was so tired and did not want to get up. I then noticed that a friend of mine was there too. She got up and started walking out of the room. I knew she was going to see who was knocking at the door. I followed her because I did not want her going to the door alone in the middle of the night. I never saw her face or spoke to her, but I followed her into the main room. At first, things were blurry because I was so tired. As we approached the back door, I could see clearly and noticed my bags stacked neatly in the room. I had never seen these bags before, but in this dream, I recognized them as mine. All the luggage was matching; they were tan with black print all over the bags. This was some really nice, upscale luggage. There were about twenty bags there. I had no doubt that all of my things were there, all packed, inside of this room, in front of the back door.

I noticed that there was not only one door but two, they were glass-paned French doors, together they made one huge door. The kind of door that would lead out to a patio. But each of the small rectangular windows were clouded. So in order to see through the glass I had to get up close to it and put my hands up so that I could peer through. On the other side of the door I could see a guy who was shabbily dressed and I just knew that he was still out in the world, still living in sin. He had a knitted hat on and a blunt stashed behind his ear. I noticed he was rambling through suitcases and bags that were not his. He was tossing things to and fro. I mentioned that we should call the police because he should not have been there. Then I woke up.

I prayed over this dream. The meaning I received was that there are going to be those of us who are ready when the Lord comes back. Those people's salvation will be secured because their bags were packed and they had their things in order. They were prepared for the Lord's return. But when the doors are closed and locked. There will be people who really want to get in, but it will be too late. We have to stay ready and be ready at all times because we do not know when he is coming back and believe me, we do not want to be left behind. This world is going to be a very different place after he collects his bride. Seek him now while you have a chance.

Once the door is closed and locked. There will be many people who are going to want to get it in but it is going to be too late. I am going to say this again but a little differently just in case someone doesn't quite understand what I am saying. Jesus is coming back for His bride (The Rapture). After this event a lot of people will be left behind and many of those people are going to get their lives together but at this point it will be too late. Don't wait until it is too late, choose Jesus now. Get ready, be ready, and stay ready.

Read the parable about the bridegroom, the five wise and the five foolish bridesmaids. This is what He was showing me in my dream. Matthew 25

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