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Sherry Kirkland began her relationship with God with just one thought in mind, the hope of making it into Heaven. In the pursuit of truth, she grew even closer to God, and realized that this was more than religion, it was also a journey of self-growth.

As Sherry continued to grow in Christ, she realized that there were barriers in her life that were hindering her walk with God. As God revealed each Stumbling Block, she acknowledged and overcame each one. Becoming more aware of who she was with each step, which allowed her God given purpose to slowly be revealed to her.

Through sharing her testimony and her Stumbling Blocks, Sherry hopes to shine a light on how aligning every part of her life with God transformed her life and can change yours too. The goal is to find true purpose in life.

As you read this book ask yourself… what’s stopping you? What is keeping you from your purpose? And what are you willing to do about it?


Stumbling Blocks

  • Will replace book if damaged during delivery.  Please contact us at within 2-3 business days.

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