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The Parable of The Sower

As I read Matthew chapter 13 this week, I really got excited because it was so good. This chapter is so rich in knowledge and it is very practical and can easily applied to everyone's life. I have read this chapter many times but never with the zeal and enthusiasm I received this last time.

I actually have to admit that most of my life I never liked to hear sermons preached on this chapter. They always left me feeling some type of way. It made me look at myself and my life, and I did not like what I was seeing.

Here I was sitting in church as I did every Sunday morning, dressed in my Sundays best. Just got done paying my tithes and offering, listening to my pastor preach a sermon that didn't really make me feel good. A sermon that spoke to something deep inside me, telling me that my life was not what I thought it was.

I didn't know it at the time but that feeling was actually a good thing. That feeling was telling me that there was something missing but I did not know what that something was. My pastor was giving me the message but he didn't tell me, how to fix it. You can want to be a better person and a better Christian but it takes a little more than just going to church and wanting it. I am going to explain the parable then I am going to tell you what you need to do.

In Matthew 13, Jesus speaks about a farmer, who was planting seeds. The seeds fell onto four different types of soil. He says that some seeds fell by the wayside and were gobbled up by the birds. Some seeds fell into stony ground, where they really couldn't take root and were dried up by the sun. Some seeds fell in with the thorny bushes, where they tried to grow but were choked out by the thorny bushes around them. And lastly some of the seeds fell onto good ground, where they were very fruitful and multiplied up to one hundred fold.

The disciples didn't understand what Jesus was saying, so they waited until they were alone with Him and asked Jesus to explain. In this parable the seeds sown represent the word of God, and the different types of soil represent the people that receive the word. So, the seeds that fell by the wayside, represent people that hear the word and do not understand it. Because of their lack of understanding, it doesn't stick and therefore there is no change in their lives.

The seeds that fell on stony ground represents people that hear the word but it doesn't take root in their life. So that when trouble comes they lose the little bit they have learned. These people are quick tempered and easily offended. The seeds that fell into the thorny bushes are people who hear the word but still have the cares of this world on their mind. The things of this world are still very important to them and they may try but they eventually return to their old ways.

And lastly, some seeds fell on good ground and brought forth much fruit. These are the people that hear the word and understand it. These are people who continue to grow in the Lord and are able to help those around them do the same. Reflect on this for yourself as I did. What category do you fall in? What type of soil are you?

Earlier in my life I didn't care to hear this sermon because I thought I was doing everything right. I was doing everything that was required of me by my religion. I was an active member and my attendance was in order. My finances within the church were taken care of and I had the dress code down pact. And I still felt some kind of way.

I had to learn that there is more to God than just following the rules of my church. You have to get to know God for yourself. Form your own personal relationship with Him. It's not hard at all. Keep going to church but read His word for yourself, develop a prayer life and praise and worship Him as often as you can. It's that simple, give it a try and soon your life will be that good ground that Jesus talked about.

Please read Matthew chapter 13 for yourself. It also contains another good parable about the wheat and the tares.

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