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Stumbling Blocks

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is my big day, the official launch of my newest book Stumbling Blocks. I am just as excited as I am nervous to share it with you. I am excited because I worked really had on this book and I am nervous because I do not know what you guys are going to think about it. But there is no stopping it now, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for all of your support.

Today I want to tell you exactly what Stumbling Blocks is about. In this book I share my journey of finding my purpose and the many obstacles that stood in my way.

When you decide to give your life to Christ, you are not done. That is actually just the beginning of your relationship with Him. Changing your life, your habits and mindset starts the process. But this way of life is more like a journey. An everyday, every hour, every minute walk with God.

As I continued this walk with Him, my relationship with Him grew. I began learning things about God, things about the Bible and ultimately things about myself. This way of life is about constant learning and self growth.

As I continued on this path, I could see that as I grew closer to God. That everything in my life began to come into alignment with Him. And this path led me directly to my God given purpose.

There were many bumps in the road, the many things in my life that were not in alignment with Him and His purpose in my life. But as I grew to recognize, acknowledge and conquer each Stumbling Block, the pathway of my purpose became clear.

In Stumbling Blocks, I share my Stumbling Blocks, with the hope that you will recognize and find your own. I believe that God has a purpose and a plan for each of our lives. He wants each of us to find ours, but it starts with a personal relationship with Him, Our Creator, God.

To purchase Stumbling Blocks, go to (or go to the main menu above) to the book store, starting 6/22/2020. Stumbling Blocks is available as e-book and paperback. Or check it out on Amazon:

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1 Comment

Candis Nicole
Candis Nicole
Jun 22, 2020

Stumbling Blocks!!! I got mine and loving it. MUAH

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