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About My New Book, FIFTY

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

My latest book is called FIFTY. It contains FIFTY motivational stories. Stories that make excellent bible study and sermons Ideas. I've actually used a few of these to start sermons myself.

This book is divided into FIFTY brief, easy to read sections. And is perfect for anyone in your life. You can read it as a daily devotional or pick it up from time to time for a quick read. This book is perfect for anyone who doesn't read or doesn't like to read because the sections are so short.

Each section has supporting bible verses listed, so you can read this in conjunction with the Bible to see what God says about each topic discussed. FIFTY is full of the things I wish I knew about God. Full of the conversations that I wish someone would've had with me regarding things of the Lord. We talk about so many things in life but we do not talk about how miraculous God really is. His miracles, signs and wonders still happen today but we don't share them openly.

With FIFTY my goal is to encourage the conversation about God and our true spirit nature. I hope that there is a least one story in this book that you'd like to talk about amongst your family and friends. Please read FIFTY and start a conversation today.

FIFTY described briefly:

Fifty motivational stories that will inspire deeper thought into biblical principles and concepts.

Fifty delves into the mind and life of the ‘born again’ Christian, by discussing things like experiencing God, our true spiritual nature, spiritual gifts and many, many more topics.

Fifty will help you grow in faith, learn what it means to be a Christian, and it will give insight into the Bible, one story at a time.

Reverend Kirkland hopes Fifty will encourage conversations, self-reflection, and inspire the reader into further study of God’s word.

These motivational stories can enrich your bible study, inspire your congregation and have the potential to grant excellent sermon ideas.

This book will cause you to look at the things of God like never before.

***There is also a 'bonus section. in the back of the book,,, FIFTY Plus. You can get your copy starting Monday 7/5/2021 on and Available in e-book and paperback.

Please let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your feed back, Sherry

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