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About Bible Stories With Nanny May

Bible stories with Nanny May is not like any other book of bible stories that you have read. The bible stories are the same, but Nanny May’s contribution adds another perspective to each story and its characters. Her thoughts, feelings and opinions will give you a little something different think about.

Nanny May loves the Lord and she loves the bible. Her devotion to God along with her life experience gives her unexpected wisdom. And she uses this maternal wisdom to teach what she is most passionate about. She may be direct and a bit outspoken but there is one thing for sure…Nanny May will let you know exactly what she thinks and how she feels especially when it comes to things of the Lord.

This is Nanny May’s introduction to the world and she has a theory for us all. She believes that the current condition of the world today would be changed for the better if everyone would just read their bibles. This principle is the reason that she feels so strongly about encouraging others to fall in love with the bible. She wholeheartedly believes in the power that comes with reading His words. Power not only to change the reader but the power to change the world.

If you love bible stories but don’t have much interest in the bible this book is perfect for you. Hopefully something that you read here will arouse your curiosity or spark your interest in reading the bible for yourself. Go ahead, give Nanny May a try, she just might teach you a thing or two.

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